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        [GREG2\]STRIP [X1 Y1 X2 Y2]

    Will extract from the current Regular Grid array a strip  going  through
    points  (X1,Y1)  and  (X2,Y2)  in  User coordinates. If no arguments are
    present, it will call the cursor to set the two  points.   Although  the
    end  points need not be on the map boundaries, STRIP will always produce
    a full strip across the map.

    For strip parallel to the X or Y map axis, the nearest pixel is used  to
    fill  the values. For any other strip orientation, if the tangent of the
    angle is less than (NY-1)/(NX-1) (i.e. if you scan the X map axis faster
    than  the  Y map axis), the number of resulting points on the strip pro-
    file will be NX and the user coordinates along the strip will be the map
    X coordinate. For each pixel, interpolation along the Y axis is done us-
    ing the three nearby Y pixels. A similar situation with  X  replacing  Y
    occurs if the angle is larger.

    The  map user coordinates are put into the X buffer, and map values into
    the Y buffer. The strip can then be plotted using CONNECT, but  remember
    to set decent limits before.

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