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        [GREG2\]WEDGE  [Top|Bottom|Left|Right  [Size]] [/SCALING Lin|Log|Equ
    Min Max] [/LEVEL [Label] ]

    Will plot a WEDGE along the current BOX. WEDGES are used  after  a  PLOT
    command to show the relationship between pixel hues and image values.

    The  default  position is Right, i.e., on the right side of the box, but
    the other location and size modifiers are self-explanatory. The  SCALING
    defaults  to  the  current scaling of the last image PLOTted, but can be
    changed (as in command PLOT) with the /SCALING option.

    The /LEVEL option will draw levels (as defined by the LEVEL command)  at
    their  appropriate  location on the wedge. The modifier Label will label
    the wedge axis with the level values. This is the  default  (i.e.,  some
    levels should be defined) for the EQUALIZATION Mode, for which the rela-
    tionship between pixel hues and image values is strongly non-linear.

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