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        [GREG2\]WRITE Item File_Name
        [GREG2\]WRITE COLUMN File_Name [OLD|NEW [Format]] /TABLE [X  Nx]  [Y
    Ny] [Z Nz]

    This  command  is  used  to save some GreG internal buffers on an output
    file for later processing. The item specifies what is to be  saved,  and
    the format of saving, and can be :

        Save  the  current  polygon in a formatted way on two columns easily
        readable by command COLUMN or POLYGON later. The  default  extension
        is .POL

        Save the current Regular Grid array on a RGDATA-like output file (to
        preserve the result of a masking, or of a random mapping  interpola-
        tion).  See  also  HELP RGDATA FILE_FORMAT. The default extension is

        Same as above but use the more efficient  and  complete  IMAGE  data
        format of GILDAS. The default extension is .GDF

      COLUMN (no option)
        Save  the  current X Y Z buffers on a formatted output file (after a
        SORT or a STRIP for example). The default extension is .DAT

        Save the X Y Z buffers but on column Nx, Ny,  Nz  of  the  specified
        output  table  (Gildas Data Format). A new table is created if argu-
        ment NEW is specified, otherwise the table must already exists  (de-
        fault OLD). The format of NEW tables can be specified as a 4th argu-
        ment in REAL (default), DOUBLE or INTEGER. The OLD tables may be ex-
        panded if any of Nx, Ny or Nz exceed the table column number ; exact
        match on the number of lines is required. The tables can be read  by
        command COLUMN /TABLE.

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