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                            GREG1\ Language Summary

    AXIS      : Draws an axis according to its name
    BOX       : Makes a box labelled according to LIMITS and TICKSPACE
    COLUMN    : Reads the data file
    CONNECT   : Connects (X,Y) pairs with line segments
    CORNERS   : Display corners of the plotting surface.
    CURVE     : Connects (X,Y) pairs with a spline interpolation
    DRAW      : Calls the interactive cursor or execute detailed command
    ERRORBAR  : Draws error bars on (X,Y) pairs
    HISTOGRAM : Connects (X,Y) pairs as an histogram
    LABEL     : Writes a string... according to options given
    LIMITS    : Sets the limits of the plot (no args for auto)
    LOOK      : Calls the cursor and executes a command when pressing key
    PENCIL    : Selects and defines the pen attributes
    POINTS    : Draws markers at the (X,Y) pairs
    RULE      : Makes a grid by joining axis tickmarks
    SET       : Modifies some basic parameters
    SHOW      : Shows basic parameters
    TICKSPACE : Sets tick intervals for BOX or AXIS
    VALUES    : Write the Y or Z values at the (X,Y) positions

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