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        [GREG1\]AXIS  NAME  [A1  A2]  [/TICK Orien Small Big] [/LOCATION X Y
    Len] [/LABEL Code  [ONLY]]  [/[NO]LOG]  [/ABSOLUTE]  [/UNIT  Valid_Unit]

    Makes  an  axis labelled from A1 to A2 at location X, Y, length Len. The
    current ORIENTATION determines the angle of the axis.

    The axis  scale  is  LINEAR  or  LOGARITHMIC  according  to  the  option

    /TICK:  the  tick  orientation "Orien" may be IN or OUT or NONE with re-
    spect to the BOX. Tick spacing can be defined by Small and Big (see HELP
    TICKSPACE  for more information on the tick spacing on linear and logar-
    ihmic axes). The orientation NONE cancels both ticks and labels.

    /LABEL: labels for other "Orien" are drawn according to the code N[one],
    P[arallel]  or O[rthogonal] (to the axis). If option /LABEL has the sec-
    ond argument ONLY, only the labels of the axis are written, not the axis
    nor  the ticks. This feature allows use of different pens for the labels
    and the axis.

    AXIS provides default values for all these parameters according  to  the
    axis NAME (XLow, XUp, YLeft, YRight) and the current values used by BOX.

    AXIS creates a graphic segment named "AXIS".


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