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        [GREG1\]BOX [Arg1  [Arg2  [Arg3]]]  [/ABSOLUTE]  [/UNIT  valid_unit]
    [/LABEL Pen] [/FILL Color] [/[NO]BRIEF [X|Y]]

    BOX puts axes around the plot region, labelling the lower and left ones.
    Arguments can be used to customize the ticks and labels:
    - Arg1, Arg2: modify the labelling of the lower and  left  axes  respec-
        tively.  They may take the values P for Parallel labels (default for
        X axis), O for Orthogonal labels (default for Y axis) or  N  for  No
        labels (preserving the ticks).
    - Arg3:  indicates that the ticks are to be IN or OUT of the box, or not
        drawn at all (NONE). Disabling ticks also disable labels.

    The option /LABEL is used to specify a different pen to use for axis la-
    belling. Creates a supplementary graphic segment "LABEL".

    The option "/FILL Color" will fill the inside of the box with the speci-
    fied color (see HELP PEN /COL for possibilities). Creates  a  supplemen-
    tary graphic segment "BACK".

    BOX N N N  makes  a  rectangle  with the current pen, even if the pen is


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