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        The option /ABSOLUTE is used to write (RA,DEC) labels for EQUATORIAL
    system or (L,B) coordinates for GALACTIC system when a projection is ac-
    tive, i.e., both a PROJECTION and a SYSTEM are defined.  RA  (or  L)  is
    used  for  X-like  axis,  and DEC (or B) for Y-like axis. Note that this
    should be used only for small fields (size less than 0.2  Radians),  and
    must  be used only with the axes at the default position (i.e. no /LOCA-
    TION option). When SYSTEM is defined but the projection is NONE  or  has
    never  been  defined,  the /ABSOLUTE option supports large fields (since
    PROJECTION NONE makes a non-conformal mapping anyway). The SET SEXAGESI-
    MAL command (see help) permits some mastering on how UNKNOWN or GALACTIC
    ABSOLUTE labels are written.

    See HELP TICKSPACE for more information on how to master the Tick  spac-
    ing with the /ABSOLUTE or the /UNIT options.

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