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        [GREG1\]DRAW  Argument  Xc Yc [/CLIP] [/BOX N] [/CHARACTER N] [/USER

    This is a powerful command which allows you to make drawings without da-
    ta  either  by  specifying coordinates (Xc,Yc) and action desired (Argu-
    ment), or by interactive use of a cursor.

    The cursor is obtained in the current active window if  Xc  and  Yc  are
    omitted,  and  the appropriate action is then specified by keys typed at
    the keyboard: R is for RELOCATE, L for LINE, M for MARKER, A for  ARROW,
    T  for  TEXT. In addition, C works like T, but prompts for the centering
    parameter in addition to the text. D can be used to DELETE the last  op-
    eration,  and  has no action on the operations which were plotted previ-
    ously to the current DRAW command. E exits from the cursor  routine.  ^C
    will  exit AND generate an error, which can be trapped (useful to regain
    control inside of forever SIC loops calling the interactive  cursor  re-

    Other keys gives you the cursor coordinates (in the current angular unit
    when a projection is defined), except that keys `0' `1' `2' and `3' tem-
    porarily  (i.e.,  as long one does not exit from cursor mode) change the
    current angular unit in which the cursor coordinates are returned.

    For graphical displays, you may use the mouse buttons for the commands R
    (left  mouse  button),  L (middle mouse button), and E (right mouse but-

    The complete command is written to the LOG_FILE so that you  can  replay
    it  easily.  The option allows you to supersede the default value of the
    coordinate system defined by SET COORDINATE or to keep clipping.

    When using the explicit form, Xc and Yc may be equal to  *  to  use  the
    current pen position.

    Any  "realistic"  combination  of  literal values, 0-d and 1-dimensional
    variables is accepted for that command. For example,
    will plot markers at each location given by the two arrays A and B (pro-
    vided  they  are  of the same size). A and B must be CHARACTER arrays in
    the case where the "/USER ABSOLUTE" option is used.


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