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        [GREG1\]DRAW TEXT Xc Yc "Text" [N [Orien]] [/CLIP [SOFT|HARD]]

    Draw  a text at location (Xc,Yc) according to the centering parameter N,
    or to the current centering parameter if N is not specified. Cursor form
    T,  or C to be prompted for the centering.  The orientation angle of the
    text (in degrees, counterclockwise) can be specified after the centering
    parameter;  otherwise the current orientation defined by SET ORIENTATION
    is used.

    The text can be clipped at the box boundaries with the option  /CLIP.  2
    modes are available:
      - SOFT  truncates  the text symbols exactly at the box boundary, which
        means some part of the text will disappear.
      - HARD clips everything or nothing. If the reference point (Xc,Yc)  is
        in the box, all the text is drawn (even if some parts are partly out
        of the box). If the reference point is out of the box, the  text  is
        not drawn at all (even if some parts are partly in the box).
    If the clipping mode is omitted, the default is SOFT.

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