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        [GREG1\]ERRORBAR Argument [Array_X Array_Y Array_Z [Orientation]]

    This command draws error bars on all (X,Y) points (read by COLUMN X  and
    Y, or specified in Array_X Array_Y) of length read by COLUMN Z or speci-
    fied by Array_Z.  Argument may be +X X -X +Y Y or -Y.  Symmetric  error-
    bars  are  drawn if you do not specify the sign, while only the errorbar
    of the given sign is drawn if you do so. This allows independent  error-
    bars  in opposite directions. The size of the line at the end of the er-
    rorbar is the Marker size and can therefore be adjusted with SET MARKER.

    Errorbars with arbitrary orientation can be obtained by specifying  code
    +O,  O  or  -O.  The orientation (in degrees) is then either read from a
    fourth array if one is specified on the command line, or otherwise taken
    from the current marker orientation (as specified in SET ORIENTATION).

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