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        [GREG1\]HISTOGRAM  [Array_X Array_Y] [/BASE [Ybase]] [/BLANKING Bval
    Eval] [/FILL [Colour]] [/HATCH [Ipen] [Angle] [Separ] [Phase]] [/Y]

    Connect the coordinates read by COLUMN X and Y, or stored in  the  vari-
    ables Array_X Array_Y as a histogram.

    The  /BASE option specifies a "true" histogram, connected to a base lev-
    el. A scalar value means a flat base level, while a  1D  variable  (same
    size  as  X and Y arrays) means a custom base for each bin. Default is 0
    base level.

    The /BLANKING option will supersede the current blanking values (as  de-
    fined    by   SET BLANKING   command)   so   that   data   points   with
    abs(Y(i)-Bval) < Eval are not plotted. Eval negative means  no  blanking
    value.  Blanking  always  applies on bin counts, i.e. Array_Y values, or
    Array_X values if /Y is present.

    By default, binning is done along X axis  (assuming  increasing  Array_X
    values),  and  Array_Y  provides  the  bin  counts. This can be reverted
    thanks to option /Y. In this case, binning is one along Y axis (assuming
    increasing  Array_Y  values),  and Array_X provides the bin counts. This
    creates a 90 degrees rotated histogram.


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