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        [GREG1\]HISTOGRAM [Array_X Array_Y] /HATCH  [Ipen]  [Angle]  [Separ]
    [Phase] [/FILL Icolor] [/BASE Ybase]

    Fill  the  histogram with parallel lines. The pen (default current), the
    line orientation in degrees (default 45), separation in  physical  units
    (default  0.25 cm), and phase between 0. and 1. (default 0.) can be cus-
    tomized. The phase indicate to displace the hatch lines by this fraction
    of the separation from a fixed reference.

    The  histogram is filled down to the base Ybase (default 0.). The option
    /FILL can be combined with /HATCH. The histogram contour is  not  drawn,
    if desired this must be done with other call(s) to the command.

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