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Created: 10/2008. Last update: 08/2014

The goal of this page is to provide links to folders and documents available for internal and external communications.
If not specified, these documents are for a restricted usage and are not intended to be distributed without my consent.

1- Reports and presentations on noise, optics (large FOV for the 30m telescope), and bolometer specifications

(2007-2011: bases of the continuum detectors project for bolometric observations at the IRAM 30m telescope beyond 2010).

2- GISMO: prototype of a superconducting bolometer array for the 30m telescope

(started in 2006; last update: 04/2009, see GISMO dedicated wiki for more recent information).

3- Technical meeting on the future bolometer instrument for the IRAM 30m telescope (October 2008).

4- NIKA: prototype of a kinetic inductance array for the 30m telescope

(started in 2008; last update: 09/2013, see NIKA dedicated wiki for more recent and main information since 2012 concerning NIKA[1] (proto), and the NIKA2 private wiki concerning the development of the NIKA2 instrument since 01/2013, plus the public NIKA2 web page currently under development).

5- Pictures at the 30m telescope: reciever cabin, GISMO and NIKA runs (2007 - 2010).

6- Refurbishement of the 30m telescope cabin optics (M3-M4) for a wider Field of View: documents for the final review meeting scheduled in 09/2014.